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Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Old Man and Old Woman on the Shelf above the door!

For her avocations, Laila Thompson was a quilter and a collector of dolls, boxes, wedgewood, and other antiques. The dolls in this photograph were my favorites. They were located on a shelf above the door of the middle bedroom at the front of the house. When you walked up the stairs you would turn left. The first bedroom was a small bedroom with a twin bed. The second door went to Grammie's bedroom. The door straight ahead went to the bedroom with the old man and old woman. When you pulled the curtains back, you could sit on the edge of the bed and see the entire town.

Tea with Margaret Chase Smith hosted by Laila Thompson (When civility and politics walked hand in hand!)

When I was quite young I remember going to Stuart and Nancy Noyes' home above Stuart's farm equipment business with my mother. She was attending a tea in honor of Margaret Chase Smith. As I entered the living room I saw the quest of honor sitting in a chair. 

The photograph below was another such tea in Smith's honor. This tea was in my grandmother's home on top of the hill -- Blake Road. This event must have taken place in the early 1950's.