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Friday, June 6, 2014

Limestone High School Class of 1966 -- A Yearbook Sampler

I am sure that each of us may have fond and yet not so fond memories of our high school experience. I remember my first week of high school as a freshmen when Mary Brinkman let me know that I was just a Freshman and wet behind the ears. Not fond at that moment -- perhaps I saw the humor in it -- today I look back at that moment with fondness. 1963 -- This was a time of awakening -- a time to evolve and self-invent. Looking back, my Freshman Year was difficult. I really didn't know who I was or how my life would unfold. I assume all of us felt that way. I loved my home town and wanted one day to return. Some stayed. Some returned. Today I am just a visitor to my home town. Still fond and some not so fond memories, yet I still remember my youth, my youthful dreams, first love, and my friends -- friends that I will never forget.